Ammar – the peace man

When I met Ammar for the first time, I found him a man of his word. Day by day we started creating some friendship and we me in many events and conferences, then I realized that I am talking with someone who is special.

Respect and loyalty were the most 2 important characters of Ammar, but with great sorrow I found the news of his death in social networks today, and the news pushed me toward silence for more than 2 hours, because I started browsing his videos and photos and how he had a nice smile with educated and sometimes public words. I never forget when we met in Istanbul and how he immediately asked for KFC because he was hungry. My friend sleep very long in peace and as you lived a man of you word and brave , the same you died brave.


The 6th Arab Free Press Forum Tunis, Tunisia 24-26 November 2013

The Arab Free Press Forum is a unique event that brings together media professionals from across the Arab world to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, experience and best practice at every level of the news industry. As part of WAN-IFRA’s ongoing commitment to supporting the independent press in the Arab region, the Forum reinforces longstanding engagements with partners from across the media industry and the freedom of expression community.


يعتبر المنتدي العربي للصحافة الحرة الذي تعقده الجمعية الدولية للصحف وناشري الأخبار حدثاً فريداً لجمع المشتغلين بالإعلام ومناصري حقوق الإنسان من جميع أنحاء العالم العربي بغرض تبادل الأفكار والخبرات وأفضل الممارسات على جميع المستويات في مجال صناعة الأخبار. في سياق الالتزام الدائم للجمعية الدولية للصحف وناشري الأخبار (WAN-IFRA) بدعم الصحافة المستقلة في المنطقة العربية، يهدف المنتدى إلى تعزيز الشراكات طويلة الأمد مع الشركاء من كافة المجالات المتعلقة بصناعة الإعلام ومناصرة حرية الرأى والتعبير.
يطرح المنتدى نقاشات جادة حول مستقبل الإعلام العربي على المستويين التحريري والاستثماري. متحدثينا من الشخصيات البارزة في مجالي الإعلام وحرية الرأى والتعبير على الصعيدينالإقليمي والدولي، بجدول عمل مصمم للوقوف على تفاصيل الوضع الراهن للصحافة العربية المستقلة واحتياجاتها المستقبلية.

The Attendees were from different countries such as (Iraq, Syria,Jordan, Yemen,Sudan,tunisia, Palestine ,Yemen, Moritania and  of

 ect) and this opened the gate of networking and discussions as well as the pre forum event which was the 3 days seminar

of  Seminar on Journalism and Ethics 21 – 23 November with Ethical Journalism Network

Ministry of Foreign Affaris of Finland, The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), International Media Support (IMS), Ethical Journalism Network, Free Press Unlimited, Canal France International (CFI), The Egypt Media Development Program (EMDP), “Yakadha” Association for Democracy and a Civil State (Vigilance),, The Tunis Centre for the Freedom of the Press, the African Centre for Training of Journalists and Communicators (CAPJC), The National Union of Tunisian Journalists (SNJT), The Union of Independent and Partisan

logo EJN jpeg CMJN HD.half

The Norwegian Institute of Journalism and Ethical Journalism Network (EJN)organized a seminar on journalism and ethics in Hammamet in Tunisia 21 – 23 November in collaboration with the local UNESCO office and others.

There will be sessions about paid-for-journalism with contributions mainly from colleagues in Egypt. Tunisian colleagues will help us introduce a discussion about regulation, included media´s self-regulation. We will hear about different codes of ethics, in Tunisia and internationally. Good governance in media will be the theme for the last day, with contributions from different countries.We hope to have lively discussions, where the participants bring their own work experiences into the debate.

The Norwegian Institute of Journalism is a knowledge and resource center for media practitioners. Our mission and activitiesinclude training and further education of journalists and editors, publishing of text books and consulting for media organization

بالإضافة إلى:
خلال أيام 21، 22، 23 نوفمبر
عقدت شبكة الصحافة الأخلاقية ندوة عن أخلاقيات المهنة للصحفيين العرب (بالمشاركة مع المعهد النرويجي للصحافة)

حلقة دراسية بعنوان المؤلف StoryMaker
إن كنت تهتم بالتكنولوجيا والتأليف الرقمي؟ انضم لجلقتنا الدراسية، المؤلف، الدعوة مفتوحة للصحفيين والمدونين والفنيين ولكل من يهتم بالتأليف على هواتفهم المحمولة

Kirkuk Forum for cities in Transition

The 4 days forum started in Kirkuk -Iraq and it contained many European delegation which they lived in the same environment and cases as Kirkuk.

The Forum contained many discussion sessions and panels, as well as working group about exchanging the ideas, experiences and concepts among these cities because all of them had passed strongly through this stages.

During the Forum many conflicts and disputes happened between the politicians of the local government council because there were many articles in the Iraqi constitution that still in progress and not became true.

I started my panel in discussing the Role of Social media and Youth in Tolerance Living in Kirkuk and I started a brief presentation about what the social media did to combine all the people from different languages to live in peace and transferring their virtual relationship to reality and this is very clear because we have many Facebook pages that started been translated into real relations among the youth despite to any political cases or disputes.

I started receiving many critical and embarrassed questions about why the social media creating anti -Government bloggers?

The simple answer reply for this was that there is mis-understanding of the blogging by the officials and the users because the blogging doesn’t mean that the blogger to be against the government but he\she is only watching what it is going around them and transmitting theses events to the people in the simplest ways and languages.

There are many types of blogging are growing up in Kirkuk, because the bloggers realized that the virtual or Internet became the real platform of creating basements, campaigns and getting suitable business and I started presenting some chapters of my Master thesis which is under the title of “Utilization of Free Social Media tools in E-business Marketing” and how the users or the bloggers can invest their abilities in involving into online businesses.




The world press freedom day 2012

On the 3d of May a big celebration occurred around the world for the world press freedom day and this was in synchronization with what is going in in the Arab world after the Arab spring because as we notice the increased numbers of violence and aggression against the journalists, activists and bloggers in the Arab world especially in Iraq, Yemen,Bahrain,Egypt and Syria because the governments are refusing to listen to the reality voices who are calling for the freedom and liberty and the examples are very clear when the governments started arresting and torturing the journalist for their speech freely.
In this day we are calling the international communities , journalists, media activists and bloggers for be aware of the followings:-
1- let the journalism be free .
2- let the bloggers stay free and not bounded to any associations , committee or organization because as we noticed that during the celebrations there were some people’s who they declared that they are the heads of the bloggers in Iraq or what ever and in this essay I call for the freedom of the bloggers forever.
3-the bloggers should gathering their efforts on writing about the most important cases and issues in Iraq instead of creating many different groups and pages on Facebook for the same purposes because as we noticed that there are many many groups under the same idea and criteria.


Please let we unify our keyboards and blogs for solving the dilemma of Iraq which will lead the country to the shore of destruction and ambiguousness.

So happy 2012 World Press freedom Day for the all

My project which is dealing with utilization of social media tools in e- business marketing

The Internet is playing a great role in our daily life procedure because we began using the Internet as our daily bases and routines, the international had started pushing deeper and deeper in all the life” aspects because the people had used to use Internet for great business transactions and exchanges therefore day by day the usage of the Internet increases and the requirements become more easier and familiar.
In 1970s the first spark of the electronic business had appeared by some firms which started using the technology for sending some documents and the banks started using electronic systems for transferring some simple transactions.
1993-1994 the Internet revolution started verbally and the world started moving towards the international and technology for facilitating their businesses because the life became more complex and the people became more busier than before.
The real E- commerce action started in 2000 in the United states and the west and the big firms and organizations and even the NGOs started using the technology and e-commerce for exchanging big business deals and agreement and as we see now a days that the business became more easier and safer in exchanging and barberries.
The e- marketing started appearing among all these revolutions and millions of advertisement and shopping websites had a
Appeared which led to very rapid and huge transformation in the world for easier business dealing, therefore the e-marketing became more familiar for the firms to declare about the products and the goods in faster ways and engaging more audience and consumers via the web.
The 2003 and later periods had watched a greater revolution and transformation which is appearing of web2.0 and this allowed to appear the social media tools and blogs such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, digg, YouTube and WordPress blogging website which allowed also the people and the firms to find easier, cheaper or may be free tools which can be use easily for marketing and advertisement about their products, therefore the firms had started verbally to use Internet, social media no blogs as the 2nd mail methods for marketing and advertising after the TV because we can use a very simple examples when one of the big, medium or simple firm uses Facebook for advertisements or news it surely guarantees not less than 500 viewers and visitors per hour so facebook has 900 millions of subscribers which is very huge number of consumers that surely will find some suitable consumers for the products.
My project is focusing on utilization and methodology of social media tools in e business marketing, because it is very important for the firms especially in Iraq after 2003 to use the free social media tools in their marketing and actually some of the telecommunication companies started using these free tools for their marking because this will avoid hard advertisement expenses which will be paid to the newspapers, yellowpages and even to TV for advertising or marketing promotion as well as my project is concentrating also on how to use the free blogs which are costing no $ or hosting instead of designing a website which costs thousands of dollars.

A message of a blogger رسالة مدون

من مدون متواضع الى اخواني واخواتي المتظاهرون في العراق عامة و في كركوك خاصة – اقول لكم ان يوم 25 شباط هو يوم تاريخي في حياتنا حيث سنتظاهر و نحتج على سوء الخدمات و الضمانات الاجتماعية و قلع المفسدين والفاسدسن في دولتنا العزيزة لذا انه ليوم قد لم نكن نحلم به يوما لذا رسالتي لكم يا اخواني هي ما يلي

لنكن كلمة واحدة

لنكن جسد واحد

لنكن قلب ورح واحد

لا للطائفية

لا للعنف

لا للقومية

نحن عراقيون و لسنا غير ذلك

لا للتخريب اثناء المظاهرة

لا للعمف الدموي لان دماء العراقيين عزيزة علينا

نعم للتظاهرة السلمية

اخواني واخواتي

لا ننسى بان مطالبنا مشروعة 100 % لاننا نطالب بابسط حقوقنا مثل الخدمات والكهرباء والضمانات الصحية والاجتماعية لذا انه من الضروري ان نوحد كلمتنا وليس تفرقتها و ننسى باننا اكراد – عرب-تركمان – سريان او اية قومية اخرى و لكن يجب ان نركز باننا عراقيون بقلب واحد كي ندفع بمطالبنا نحو التحقيق و ان ندفع عجلة بلادنا نحو التقدم

from a modest blogger to all the demonstrators:-

We are brothers & sisters , we are one country’s sons , we have to not forget that the 25 th of February is the historical day in Iraq because we can protest, speak and demonstrate freely, therefore please try to do the followings:-

Let we be combine all our abilities, energy and power to become

One word.

One Eye

One soul

One hear

One body

No bloody violance because the bloods of the Iraqis are very appreciable

No for destruction because we want to build our country by our demands

No for sectarianism

We have to not forget we are only Iraqis, nothing else.

Yes for peaceful demonstrations .


We are demonstrating and protesting because we want to push the country towards the development and be sure our demands and legislative 100 % because we are protesting against the corruption .

We need our simplest rights, as electricity, general services, social aids and Jobs.


rom tüm göstericileri için mütevazı bir blogger: –
Biz değil var, kardeşler ve kız kardeşler, biz bir ülkenin oğulları vardır
Şubat ayının 25 inci Irak’ta tarihi gün nedeniyle olduğunu unutmak
biz, protesto edebilir konuşan ve bu nedenle, özgürce göstermek lütfen yapmaya çalışın
aşağıdaki: –
biz olmak için tüm gücümüzle, enerji ve güç birleştirmek olsun
Bir kelime.
Bir Göz
Tek bir ruh,
Bir duymak
Tek vücut
Hiçbir kanlı şiddet Iraklıların Kanlar çok kayda değer, çünkü
yok yok biz taleplerimizi tarafından ülkemizde inşa etmek istiyorum çünkü
tarikatçılık yok
Biz başka sadece Iraklılar, başka bir şey değildir unutmamak gerekir.
Evet barışçıl gösteriler için.
Biz gösteriyorlar ve protesto biz ülke itmek istiyorum çünkü
geliştirme yönünde ve mutlaka taleplerimizi ve% 100 yasal
Biz yolsuzluğa karşı protesto ediyorlar çünkü.
Biz sosyal, elektrik, genel hizmetler gibi, bizim basit hakları gerek
yardımcıları ve is