The world press freedom day 2012

On the 3d of May a big celebration occurred around the world for the world press freedom day and this was in synchronization with what is going in in the Arab world after the Arab spring because as we notice the increased numbers of violence and aggression against the journalists, activists and bloggers in the Arab world especially in Iraq, Yemen,Bahrain,Egypt and Syria because the governments are refusing to listen to the reality voices who are calling for the freedom and liberty and the examples are very clear when the governments started arresting and torturing the journalist for their speech freely.
In this day we are calling the international communities , journalists, media activists and bloggers for be aware of the followings:-
1- let the journalism be free .
2- let the bloggers stay free and not bounded to any associations , committee or organization because as we noticed that during the celebrations there were some people’s who they declared that they are the heads of the bloggers in Iraq or what ever and in this essay I call for the freedom of the bloggers forever.
3-the bloggers should gathering their efforts on writing about the most important cases and issues in Iraq instead of creating many different groups and pages on Facebook for the same purposes because as we noticed that there are many many groups under the same idea and criteria.


Please let we unify our keyboards and blogs for solving the dilemma of Iraq which will lead the country to the shore of destruction and ambiguousness.

So happy 2012 World Press freedom Day for the all