The last update of Kirkuk

Since 3 : 00 a.m a group of ISIS attacked the city with 3 bombed cars and they blasted them near Kirkuk General Police directory and Domiz Police station as well as new Uroba police station and then they started using some empty buildings in Kirkuk and they shot the security forces from there using snipers , Machine guns. The clashes still in the city and Police forces, Peshmarga , Asaysh and Anti-Terrorism Forces are still fighting against the ISIS. The civilians started carrying weapons and fighting beside the security forces as well as protecting their areas from any strangers and militias attacking while the security forces are busy in the main streets.

As the officials announced that mostly 70% of the fighting over except some areas which are still under attack and the security forces are trying hardly to impose the control over these areas.

As they estimated that the security forces killed more than 16 ISIS and captured more than 10 , in the other side there are 4 peshmarga died and many injured. In synchronization the ISIS attacked Dobis are near Kirkuk and killed 4 Iranian workers and injured 3  but the security forces also controlled the situation. The coalition forces and aircraft are bombing some areas which they found ISIS inside it in Kirkuk, as well as many other Peshmarga arrived to Kirkuk for participating in fighting.

The general status is Curfew in Kirkuk until unknown time , as well as clashes in some areas in the south of the city as well as in down town, and all the entrances of Kirkuk closed by the the security forces.


بواسطة Qais Qazaz

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