Do they Believe?

I am sure when I be aged and see my grandchildren, i will be the best story teller because I have millions of real sad stories from my country and this will prepare me to be a good writer, novelist or may be a movie director.
What I saw in my country since 1980 until today is something out of mind because I saw real actions of killing, bombing, raids, kidnapping, beheading , assassination, robbery, corruption, lies, illusion, tricks …. more and more.
What makes me feel a little bit happy that i am one of the witnesses in my country about the actions and the things that happened.
So my grandchildren will be very lucky because their granpapa is as Hemingway or Shakespeare who has very opened mind and stories.
If they be patient I can tell them 1000 stories in 1000 nights.
But then I need a very beautiful woman to be my servant because I will need more energy and power to pass the nights, but may be this also will create another conflicts because then I will be powerless and I need some charging for getting a good power.
I started creating a special part on my laptop for the memories and stories because I want to blog them in sequences in order i be able to not miss any part or detail.
So I am afraid then my grandchildren not believing the stories that I will narrate because I am sure they consider these stories as fiction and super imaginative stories, but never mind I will show them some credibility and liabilities in order the be passionate with what I am telling.

بواسطة Qais Qazaz

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