Sight 3 on Iraq

Another silly quarrels and disputes happen in Iraq. ISIS is becoming weaker day by day, but this time Peshmarga and Hashid Al-Shaaby started fighting. Again victims are civilians and the peoples are losing their sons because of silly reasons.

The real situation is here:


Face to face fighting between Peshmarga and Hashid Al-Shaaby.

In the south they are burning the flag of Kurdistan.

In the north they are burning the flag of Iraqi state.

The people started fighting with each other.

Social media is full of stupid and silly users who are fighting and they are creating hate speech hash tags against each other.

The percentage of hate speech is increasing on TVs , Radios and social networks.

More peoples will be displaced and homeless

The economy is moving down.

So what will be the solution?

This is an open source question, and hope to find your answers in the comments



بواسطة Qais Qazaz

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