Huawei Mate S Launching

Another surprise started by Huawei in Iraq, this time the launching event was one of the most fantastic and marvelous actions by organizers and launcher.  The event started by a lovely welcoming words and the marketing manager of the company started the statements of the product, but the deeper details been presented by the Production manager who started giving the technical specifications of Mates S , which shew up the real power, design, specifications, and ability of the new product.

As a blogger I really liked the way of presenting the product by lovely female models because they presented the product in fashionable way of the stages of Rotana Erbil Hotel, and all the attendees being attracted to the way of the presentation.

The event was full of surprises, and the lotteries started for the lucky peoples who they attended the event and the smart way way of giving the presents, plus the smart words of deputy of Chinese consular in Kurdistan and how expressed their desires to make wider business cooperation with Kurdish businessmen as well as the giving full details about the Chinese products and how they are manufacturing the materials and sen them to Europe and USA According to the international standards.

The Iraqi Social Media Club had a luck to attend such a launching event for he 2nd time in two years and it was lucky too to send the launching photos and tweets online.

For more details about Mate S , please click here


بواسطة Qais Qazaz