Media in Conflicts

As the Iraqi Social Media Club and Norwegian Institute of Journalism had agreed and worked hard for more than 3 months to conduct a workshop in Istanbul for the Iraqis journalists of different fields.

The workshop done under the name of “ Media in conflicts” and 12 journalists from Kurdistan of Iraq been invited to attend to the workshop for 3 days from the period of 3-5 February 2015 in Istanbul.

The workshop focused very strongly on discussions strategies, and then work groups and presentations started. The discussions started about websites, radios, TVs, Reporters, Editors and newspapers roles in conflicts especially in Iraq and privately in Kurdistan.

ISIS and its media was a part of the discussions because they have the biggest media performer in the region. The journalists discussed real and serious personal and public experiences as daily routine process.

The discussed topics were as the following:

What is media Conflict?

Social media challenges in conflicts

European Media

Media in age of conflicts

Radio challenges

Presentations of the participants


The recommendations

  • Media should encourage peace and regional solidarity
  • Professional obligations must be conduct by the journalists.
  • Non-alignment is necessary for journalists and media organizations
  • The relationship between the media and crisis management team must be processed with a high level of caution.
  • The government must issue a comprehensive law to protect journalists.
  • Iraqi media needs to consolidate public relations and open up wide to deliver the information to the receiver properly about what is happening in Iraq
  • state institutions must help the journalist to get information
  • Opening training courses and workshops for members of the media in several areas, including the ethics of journalism and journalist protection law.
  • Journalist boost morale and create the atmosphere of optimism within the community and to respond to media and psychological warfare depicting Iraq as a country of destruction and wars and tragedies
  • The journalist be honest in his work and get the information from the correct sources
  • Providing financial support for press and private institutions and independent media
  • Sensitize media personnel and building their capabilities to be qualified to work as professionals
  • issuance of deterrent laws criminalizing every journalist or media organization raises sectarian conflict and violence
  • Legislation Publication Act and Regulations
  • Parliament to pass the law of parties and organization of work
بواسطة Qais Qazaz