The Game

While I am trying to write some simple words about what is going on in my country, I found that all the people are the slaves of some thoughts about the huge, dangerous and bloody game. The game started when the Iraqi army started escaping from the cities of Iraq and they left their guns for ISIS, but what is funny is that the people started believing this and they created huge numbers of scary ideas and plans to go back.

The social networks also played great role in this game because there are thousands of vague accounts on Twitter and Facebook which are merchandising for these groups and trying to create a scary environment while the people are simply trying to share and retweet these stories and this is another face of the game.

The oil started moving outside by groups and nobody knows the exact quantity and this is another face of the game.

The government started nominating different people for its jobs and this another change face of the game


Simply we are living inside scary game circle and we hope that we pass safely.

بواسطة Qais Qazaz

Summary of Iraq

This is the summary of what is going on in Iraq

Fighting around Kurdistan

ISIS controlling most of the Sunnis areas

foreign fighters joining ISIS

The US air jets are bombing some areas

Emigrants everywhere

The Minorities are under fire

Kurds are facing ISIS

Turkey closing the boarder

Fighting in Baghdad to nominate prime minister

Excursions every day

The foreign companies evacuating its staffs

Shia’a are afraid

Media ambiguity , no clear images

The fighting strategies are changeable

The economic situation is declining


بواسطة Qais Qazaz