Who knows why?

Actually I am not sure how to start writing this article while I am not sure what will be the future of this country, because there are many actions which are appearing and disappearing in the same time.

It seems that the politics and country running management is turned on to sectarianism and racialism by most of the officials and clergymen who are trying to use this case for emphasizing what they will do.

The Iraqi image is very clear now and the over controlled powers are very clear too, because Iraq is divided into many battles fields  like the Sunnis and Shaia’s areas and every group is trying to impose its control and showing its killing art by different ways and methods.

Let we take the example of what happened in Mousel because the armed groups didn’t expect such success while the Iraqi army’s members started running and asking for the security protection in order they not be arrested or killed.

Then the image transferred to the other cities which are rapidly started falling each by other and the armed groups started controlling the banks, refineries and even airports and this led to huge amounts of money as well as very big quantities of weapons, the indication refers that the captured sources will be very important feeding sources for the armed groups while they will gather their powers not only in Iraq, but will expand overseas and the will try to creates a huge states which carrying out their strategies, plans and flag.


There are many questions are raising here: what is the role of the USA and Iran in all the ongoing actions in Iraq?

Why the statements are vague and why none of them giving a clear image?

Why the Iraqi army started falling and looked very scary?

Why executions were not familiar in the beginning but later it appeared and became process?

I guess that the answers will be very difficult to be available because nobody knows the exact answer. And this was very clear when I met some army members as well as some Kurdish forces (Peshmarga) and during the interviews the replies were different and the stories were between funny and scary because even the security or the army don’t who are fighting with.

One of the stories says:” when the fighting started in the street , we found some monsters and ugly people started appearing with very strange dress, beard and hair and we thought that we turned into another world and life because these huge peoples with this bad appearance are not belong to our country” the teller said “ these groups when they started fighting , the professionalism was very clear and they were very organized in getting the targets and who are shooting, because they started very powerful and smart snipers to control the situation and this of course influenced and made a huge fear inside the soliders “

The other important point which created and participated in the breakdown is the media !!!!

The media started showing and two directions displays:

The first: shows that Iraq is still a heaven and there are no problems and everything is moving towards better and better and this shows that authority of the government and shows the power of the governmental funding upon these media channels.

The second: shows that Iraq destroyed and that everything will end soon , which reflects the dead bodies, executions, bombing —- ect.

From what we said it seems that we have as audience and citizens should realize the clear vision of what is going on in our country, this comes by understanding and analyzing all the actions and reactions in order we be able to nominate the correct path.

Day by day the Iraqi economy is moving down and the markets started suffering for the issue of the prices and unstable percentage of the exchanges especially the currency, oil and gold. The owners and trades men are showing up the case that the country will move to the end , and they hope that the new government or the armed group will control the situation because the market became as a dice among the hands of the smugglers and market snipers.

The Iraqi oil is moving to where? This is the most familiar and common question which the people look for the answer. The answer is nobody knows.

The Iraqi agriculture is disappearing and the Iraqi industry already disappeared.

 So why?

Who is responsible?

 What will be the next?

Where we move?

These are the questions and the replier is nobody.




بواسطة Qais Qazaz

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