Little Mohammad’s vision


A case study about the Syrian of refugees who are living in simple camp and mohammad is one of the


Prepared by :

Qais Qazaz






After an extended period watching and observing Mohammad, the bystander is able to see

where Mohammad is developmentally. He is growing physically, mentally, and emotionally as a child

His age, 11 years old, should be maturing according to many theorists and people who have

Studied child development for many years. While he has not mastered all the required steps for

his age group, he is achieving more and more of them each day and will be able to enter school in

good standing. The following case study will discuss Where Mohammad is , lives and looks for to the future.








Part I : Who is Mohammad

Mohammad is a Syrian Child who has only 11 years old with nice and innocent smile. I verbally spent about 10 hours with him in the camp, to know very closely how he lives and how he starts and ends his day. He lives with his mother, 3 brothers and grandparents. They left their country because of the increased violence, wars and unknown arms in their homeland. “From a very nice and tidy house in Syria to a very small and useless camp and tent” said Mohammad.

He is a very gentle and well known speaker with elders and what makes his attitude different when he is talking within his Syrian Arabic dialect. We obliged to leave our country, because we had to!

The forces are started killing the people randomly and they start arresting the people and putting them in the jails. My father was one of the victims who had been killed and he left me with 3 brothers and my mother but we were lucky that our grandparents didn’t leave us alone. We are living in the camp since a year ago.

We started running out of our country because of the war and lose of my father. We chose Iraq because it was close to my country and the people here started welcoming the Syrian refugees. I left my school and I would like to study again and meet my friends and my teachers again if they are not died.


Part II: His daily motion & Activities

I got up very early in the morning to be in queue of the bread and food support for the refugees. I bring the bread and the food I start have a simple breakfast which is being prepared by mother and of course it isn’t like ours in the past.

I start go out of our tent to meet my friends who are in my age. We start playing some simple games and remembering our haras and places in Syria and how we were very happy children. In the camp I started finding new friends as well as I formed a good football team. We are helping each other very closely and we are creating some physical and mental games to spend the day. Lunch is ready Mohammad , this is the voice of my mother and when I run to the tent I have to say hi to the all because my mother doesn’t accept the contrast. I have the lunch and then I am sitting to study my text books which I brought them with me from Syria in order to not forget what I learned.

Simply the life isn’t good here because we lack many things as children, we have no good clothes for the Eid or good place to play in it , even the we lack good medicines when we got sick.

Part :III The Future vision

After long ours of the company of Mohammad, I asked him , what do you think about you future? Or what is your vision?

The words were very simple and he started to turn in to the red colored skin because of the strong emotion and homesick. Mohammad said “ I want that you take me home again , to study and graduate as well as visit my father’s grave.


I hope to eat and dress well again and save the other children who are still lost. I hope that the world understands what happened in Syria and call for peace and mercy. We feel cold, fear and lost.

The day ended with Mohammad and I hope that I can through this simple case study to save him and achieve his simple vision and dream.

بواسطة Qais Qazaz

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