The Academy Digital and Media Literacy Education

One day I was in my office doing my normal working process and email checking, it was a shock! I got a new email from AUB that they are expressing their happiness to join them in their new academy for 18 days intensive media literacy course. It was really shock , then I decided to prepare a strong type of coffee in order I be able to make a correct decision while I have no idea what does this academy do. Anyway I started corresponding with them and I got the program and I started preparing myself to take this new adventure with AUB\MDLAB courses.

From the first day they we got a very hot welcome and reception by Academy’s team and the story started. The courses started and new people appeared in the Academy and in the hotel, the interactions started and day by day I realized that the future is highly recommending such academy to introduce the real meaning of media to the world. New skills, new experiences and new self-confidence being added to me because I realized that these courses will totally change my media concepts.

My next post will carry a precise description to the courses and the characters that I met.



بواسطة Qais Qazaz

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