Eye on the Arab Economic Summit 2013

When we are watching the opening ceremony of the Arab Economic Summit 2013 we immediately find that the first will be done is saying thank you to the hosted country.

The summits mean to find the best economic, business and investment solutions and as you know that the Arab countries now are passing in a very critical political and economic situations especially the Labor hands are escaping out to find the best living and working opportunities.

The Arab countries are owning the hugest fortune and sources to provide the best living environment , but unfortunately we find they are trying to invest the fortunes in weapons and killing , while the other countries are trying to invest the sand!

The Arabs realized that the sustainability development became much more important than before because the future of the oil is declining and the people started increasing and the governments are still taking naps instead of solving this problem.

During the Summit they are trying to create Arab union Fund and creating Arab union market , but we still need visas to travel among the Arab countries and you have to undergo to a very complex security checks for getting a visa, so please remove the visa and then start the next step.

Still we are calling for the civilization and the Arab people are striving to find a bread!

Dear presidents find solutions and stop just talking , we need real reformations to establish new flourished society

Stop slogans, stop condemns , stop accusing start to find solutions

The people are still waiting for Goddot !!!!!!


بواسطة Qais Qazaz