Sight on Iraq Part II

When we start talking again about the second part of the sight on Iraq economy we will immediately find that the economic situation is declining day by day and we can guess that all these are because of the political conflict between Baghdad and Kurdistan region , so what is strange that most of the companies who are investing in the oil industry in Iraq are transforming their activities and investment into the Kurdistan region, may be because of the lower tax rates or because of the bigger facilities that they can do for them.


One of the most important point which we can consider it as a complex economic issue between Baghdad and Kurdistan region is the oil, because the both parties are considering that they are their own right, but in reality the people supposed to be the judger and the line man of this issue because they have to understand how to share the people in the decision of importing exporting in order the people aware about what is going behind the shutters.

We are listening to news in daily basement process and following up the net and the social networking websites to know what is going in our country but all these aren’t enough since we have ministries and in charge people who they can be more and more transparent for informing the people and giving clear image of the outcomes, expenses and investments, but unfortunately  am sure not only the people but even the experts of the economy, oil and gas experts don’t know the exact numbers or data.

When the case of Dijla forces and Peshmarga is active now a days in Iraq we noticed that the market had started raising day by day not only giving satisfactory results and this is clear now in the most riches city in the World which suffers from the lack of the petroleum and diesel and we can see long queue of cars are waiting in the gas stations for taking only 40 L \day, is that credible whole we are sleeping on the ocean of oil in our city.

As a blogger I am asking the government where is the oil, the outcome, the contracts?  


بواسطة Qais Qazaz

One comment on “Sight on Iraq Part II

  1. The reason behind Iraqi Government were weak and collapsed during the last years is the Kurdish case, when they solve this trouble every thing will go well and smoothly

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