Sight on the Iraqi Economy

When we are talking about the business strategy r economic process immediately we got an idea of the partnership , because as we know that all the wealth of any country is belong to its people because no one can deny this!


But we found that this is the opposite in our countries because the wealth going or coming the people is sleeping in a deep and warm bed without any sense of what is going on in the surrounded environment and this is very clear here in Iraq when since years the people are waiting to get pieces of the cake of the wealth of their country, and this is was very clear for the all when the government started cancelling the ration form and then started making some corrupted deals with Russia for purchasing weapons and the most updated event that the government is now offering Jordan oil with 30% discount while the people here are striving for getting the daily living expenses and the country is passing in a very critical economic situation.

I n the beginning of 2003 when the ex-government had passed away and the coalition forces been in Iraq, we found many golden or let we call it premium promises that the people and the country will jump in to the highest level of economic prosperity, but day by day we found that the indicator started declining and the outcome of the citizen decreased more and more and in the final report of the GLOBAL FINACE  it shows that there are some increasing in the GDP of the citizens but the inflation also increasing and this is rather out of balance equation.

Despite of the all changes which occurred in Iraq, but still the country is missing the real development in the infrastructure, and I guess that this is because of the political disputes or may be because of the terrorism in the country.  This is very clear when we look to the real economic map of Iraq we find that most of the investments and business firms either International or local are basing in the north (KRG) or in Basra, because these areas are rather enjoying with some security stability.

I wonder if the government is hiring some professional experts or consultants to manage the oil outcome wisely, what will happen. What will be the benefits? What will be the real outcomes?

All these questions will be under one answer’s umbrella which is the real wise Quality management  and wise investment and wise distribution because when we try to use this wealth for 10 years wisely and applying all the justice rules I am sure that the GDP of the Iraqi person will jump to the highest .

The final graph of 2012 about the Iraqi economy is clarifying the real changes and the indication about when was and will be, so I have the 5 Ws (Why, When, Which, Who, where) to be answered clearly.


بواسطة Qais Qazaz