Again the same scenario of the Gazaz and Israel started because as everybody wares that this crisis is since 1948 and until today none of them was or is clever and smart to find a suitable solution for this, but in contrast we find that every 3 years the crisis will be update and the situation becomes more and more complex.

Always the victims are the children because the both sides are bombing each other without any clear targets because they want just to appear in the media as winners and who dies, who lose, who destroys nobody cares.

What makes me stop as a prison that the International agencies, United Nations or other officials of the human rights are stopping as the audiences without any movement or saying words because they are waiting who wins or loses? I don’t why they are silent, just because it is Israel and the target is Palestine or Muslims or because they are enjoying the view and the performance of the daily blood splitting or because they want to keep the area under this war.

We thought that the Arab spring will change the area but we found that the case is different and the systems are the same and Jewish are the same. So the case here isn’t different because the people are asking always why all these silence and why no one says stop.

What I want to know who is responsible about this photo and why this child becomes the victim!!!!!!!!!

بواسطة Qais Qazaz