Elephant and Donkey Elections

I don’t know when I started watching and following up the process and the competition in the presidential elections in the USA and how the donkey and the elephant started competing with each other strongly but in keeping the conditions of respect, transparency, trust and power with each other , immediately my mind channel turned to the Arab presidential process which is starting by damn , shouting, holidays, accusations to each other and trying to publish the corruption files of each candidate and when you go back to the background of each candidate you will find him spoiled, killer, slaughter   or orororoor  .

The normal working in day in the USA no business have stopped or schools shut or any gas station stopped  because of the elections because they think that the president is an employee in the country as the others, while in our countries they are creating glory and put the candidate in comparison to the God because they think that this candidate will grant them the life and this is one of the biggest reason for making dictator in the community and after all these the people starting shouting that they are living in unfair community and they have no rights of living or expressing so the simple question is raising here why you do this from the beginning?

In my country the elections starting with a big shouting campaign which put all the people and selectors in front of a very difficult choosing situation because if you elect another one you will be assassinated or kidnapped while the other will go by explosions and I don’t want to tell about the fake votes and the the the. So I will leave the judgment for the reders.

بواسطة Qais Qazaz