Who Understand , Who doesn’t ?

For the first time when I applied for studying business management master I wasn’t realized that the economy, business, finance and other amounts will pull me in deeply to know what is going behind the fence of the globe.

Actually I found that the economy is the main reason of the all crisis that are causing poverty , richness, suffering, wars, occupation, colonies, slavery and …..ect because the entire world is depending on the economic points that the rich and powerful countries are specifying for example we can say that all the events and changes which are happened and still happening in the middle-east and the Arab world is because of the bed economic distribution because the people used to live in a very humiliated and low standard of life age and that collected and stored very huge anger and disguising power against these countries which finally led to a very huge humanitarian blasting which the outcome was changing the rulers only not the rules.

The super power countries who are working very strongly behind the shutters and in shadows they have very big access to the entire economic aspects of these countries and that is very clear when any Arab country finds petroleum or oil industries  immediately you will find that they are facing tons of accusations by unknown powers who have been supported by the supreme power countries, therefore we are sometimes sitting and thinking about what is politics ? the simple answer is UNDERSTAND ECONMY then you UNDERSTAND POLITICS

بواسطة Qais Qazaz

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