Internet and social media survey in Iraq

Iraqi network for social media (INSM) is now taking the responsibility of making the biggest surety for Internet and social media users in Iraq and he survey is taking place in seven Iraqi cities and the duty is done by the volunteers who are really believing in the progressing of the I telnet reality in Iraq and the team is suffering from the hot weather of the August in Iraq which is over 47c and they are working day and night for accomplishing the survey, the results of the survey is expected to be announced by the beginning of October 2012 be because the Iraqi bloggers are preparing for holding the 4 th Arab bloggers meeting in Baghdad by the end of this year therefore the results will be announced officially during the meeting and I want to say for all those volunteers who are working hard to accomplish this survey that you are really great people.

بواسطة Qais Qazaz

2 comments on “Internet and social media survey in Iraq

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