We were always dreaming to have some freedom in life and even in information and partially we got this after 2003 and the people starting freely sharing what they are thinking that is correct and sometimes these information are using in the cases of transparency especially when new young peoples had appeared as activists and bloggers in Iraq for raising the voice of justice and transparency via publishing information in blogs, wensites, forums and even in social media websites because this is the duty of every individual or official to publish these information to public in order they be able to understand what is going on in their country.

Wow what a big surprise it was when a sudden law had appeared under the name of “INFORMATIC CRIME LAW” and it was really funny because when you read any article of this law you will find it very very very funny and the most funniest thing that one of the articles says” the person will be judge for 25 years and paying 25 000 000 IQD as a penalty if he says or making any mistake on the internet about Iraq or the government” and here I remember something really funny happened with my friend when he was in Istanbul and he has to go to the rest room and after along search he found a public one and while he was in the rest room a big farting happened by him and when he finished he been shocked because the police arrested him because he made a very bad smell in the public , so this is the same because anyone speaks even by mistake he will go to the jail according to this law, therefore it is our duty to organize campaigns and speaking to the officials  for immediate stop of this law.

The Iraqi bloggers and activists are organizing a very huge seminar after 2 days in Diwaniya in the south of Iraq and they will discuss the law with PM members and experts for knowing how to stop this law because if it been applied it will lead to shutting mouths for another 35 years for this reason I am calling all the International community for tweeting on the following hashtags on TWITTER and writing posts on FACEBOOK and other social media networks for supporting the Iraqi bloggers for stopping the is law and the followings are the Hash tags


And this is another message
Dear Friends

Can you change your profile picture like me ( Sorry we’re Closed ) in 13 June 2012 and for one week , and also for the time line picture ( choose one of Yahay Designs ).

please be more interactive with our Campaign and write No. 1 if you do it, and this is one of peaceful protest on internet to Say No for informatics Criminal law in Iraq

P.S: Press media ( local and international ) will record a video on Facebook to




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