The fairy

In my childhood my grandmom’twas always telling me stories and most of them werefictions but naturally at that time I was believing that they were true and the most interesting way was the story of the fairy which will come out one day for surfing the world from the unjustness and thedecorator ism of the judges and that put of thinking always to how get this fairy one day and ask him for salvation and wow suddenly I found this came true and the fairy pushed my country towards the salvation but including a bloody lake and getting out souls of thousands of my people and my countryswimming in an ambitious ocean of unstable political , social and economic situation which is clear now that some of the heads are running out because of the fear of the beheading while the others are hiding themselves under the sharpness of the sword and the people are calling for freedom freedom and freedom


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بواسطة Qais Qazaz