The fairy

In my childhood my grandmom’twas always telling me stories and most of them werefictions but naturally at that time I was believing that they were true and the most interesting way was the story of the fairy which will come out one day for surfing the world from the unjustness and thedecorator ism of the judges and that put of thinking always to how get this fairy one day and ask him for salvation and wow suddenly I found this came true and the fairy pushed my country towards the salvation but including a bloody lake and getting out souls of thousands of my people and my countryswimming in an ambitious ocean of unstable political , social and economic situation which is clear now that some of the heads are running out because of the fear of the beheading while the others are hiding themselves under the sharpness of the sword and the people are calling for freedom freedom and freedom


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Fighting Youth Unemployment through Education UNESCO investing in Youth

Fighting Youth Unemployment through Education

UNESCO investing in Youth


UNESCO Iraq office is joining efforts with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the Japanese Government to offer Iraqi youth a unique opportunity that will enable them to guarantee their future through entrepreneurship.


For this occasion, a special event will be organized on Thursday 31 May 2012 in the Ministry of Labour and Social affairs in Erbil to launch the “Fighting Youth Unemployment through Education” project.


The event will be attended by Minister of Labour and Social Affairs (KRG) Asos Najib Abdullah, Minister of Culture and Youth (KRG) Kawa Mahmoud Shakir, the Governor of the city of Erbil Nawzad Hadi, a representative from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNESCO Iraq Director Mohamed Djelid and senior staff, other UN agencies representatives, in addition to members from the public and private sectors, and national and international NGOs.

Media and press agencies are invited to attend this launching event.



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Social networking, mobile telephony, internet and citizen journalism

Very soon series of workshops and insensitive training courses will come to the shine in 3 different parts of Iraq Basra, Baghdad and Erbil and it will be  great that I am the trainer which I been chosen by UNESCO and Internews and the main subject will be about “Social networking, mobile telephony, internet and citizen journalism” which will focus too much on how to use the social media tools in citizen journalism as well as in the elections.

The telephony and internet tactics will focus on training 60 journalists in 3 different regions in Iraq and creating a very big network of bloggers and online journalists.


wait me very soon for more details and posts

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the Iraqi bloggers are declinning

Since 2003 Iraq had passed through hundreds of the transformational stages that led to hundreds of positive and negative attitudes as well as when the blogging started in Iraq we found many many peoples who had been trained by the NGOs in order to prepare them for the digital world but unfortunately the number started moving towards the declining because they didn’t take the issue seriously and this led to neglect the real message of the blogging because some thought that the income of the blogging will make you wealthy but I say sorry friends the blogging means that you can express freely and never expect any incomes and try to consider the blogging is as a serious message of your campaign so please consider this post as the first message that I send it to bloggers and the following contains will focus more on the details.

بواسطة Qais Qazaz