The Iraqi oil dillema

The most important issue about what is called the dilemma of the petroleum in Iraq which put the country on the Cliffs of the dangerous because most of the people are and we’re thinking that the Iraqi people are living in the luxurious life standard , but the contrast is the true!
Since the seventies Iraq is facing crisis and wars because of the petroleum and as it was the matter of the generalization and then moving to the Iraq-Iranian wars which led to lose thousands of people’s by the both sides , then the reasons of this war were unclear for he public because some said that was because of the boundary while the others said that was because of the water but the actual reason was because of the petroleum area between the two countries , so the war had ended by in 1988.
1990-1991 another deadly war mocked on the Iraqis door with the coalition forces because of the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait then again loosing of thousands and missing another thousands and the reasons were ambiguous again for the public but the real reason was the petroleum because Kuwait was playing and shacking the price of the petroleum and trying to effecting on the Iraqi interests via the OPEC but this led to a deadly war.
2003 was the separated stage because all the systems had fallen in Iraq and this led to loose the control over the exporting of the oil and the petroleum which has led the to the massive loose then by the hard steps the government has started to impose some illegal exporting or smuggling of the Iraqi oil. By 2010-2011 Kirkuk the richest city of oil in Iraq had asked the central government of Baghdad for the petro-dollar strategy and system which means that the city will obtain $1 from each exported barrel of the oil from Kirkuk and then these amounts will be invest for the services of the city and non fixed employment for the unemployed peoples and it was really successed because there are 1400 projects between accomplished and on progress and this reduced about 45% of the unemployment in the city and increased the ambition of investment in Kirkuk.

بواسطة Qais Qazaz

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