#AUSACE conference in Lebanon/ Beirut

The conference started from 27 of October to 31 of the same month 2011 and the conference had focuded on the digital media literacy as well as the role of the new media in the Arab spring , the location of the conference was in AUB and the kenotes & the sessions were totally great for those who are seeking for the new experience in new media because there were different bloggers and activists from different Arab and international countries who they were talking about the role of  social media and twitter in the events of the Arab world.



And the most funniest thing that the Iraqi bloggers were living there in the greatest moments especially with Dina Najem and Hayder Hamzoz who was always shouting for going to cinema and I was shouting to go to shisha cafe but Dina she was fighting for visiting malls.

Mustafa Ayad , Raed Jarrar , Ahmed Jaf and Obeid they had different concepts of enjoyment but I have not deny that Ahmed Jaf was a great supporter and negotiator in shopping and the prices , as well as Mustafa Aya and Raed Jarrar who were great in cafes.

بواسطة Qais Qazaz

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