The reality

Today I was talking with some bloggers in Syria, Egypt and Libya via different digital tools and our conversation had focused on the reality of what is going on in the mentioned countries and all of them told me something very strange that the media channels are not showing the reality of what is going on for example yesterday in Libya 50 peoples had been executed in the streets by unknown peoples and they prevented and treated the media to open or talking about the case and I said Ok, what about you as a blogger isn’t that your job to post and showing up the reality to the world , he replied immediately , I am waiting a good internet to upload the video.

The same story in Syria as the my friend told me that the security forces opened fire over the prayers in EID’ pray in Damascus and they killed over 20 , but again the media had covered the issue without mentioning anything.


My few words are , why we are still have fear inside our mind and heart while we can use different tools for expressing and showing up the reality?

Believe me the governments can not doing anything because they are falling one by as chess stones .

بواسطة Qais Qazaz

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