I started again

Well , I wanted to stop writing about the politics , but it seems that this thing is moving deeply into my blood and body , therefore yesterday they announced in Baghdad that all the political parties had reached to the final agreement after more than 8 months of disputes and quarrels among these parties , so my question here is that ,

what will happen after this agreement?

I am sure that nothing will happen or change because it seems that the officials and the politicians are just looking for their own benefits and I am sure that the contents of this agreement was about distributing the equal shares of the money and the GDP because all the money of the Iraqis are been astonished with careless issues , so I want to say , my dear sirs , please instead of fighting with each other , try to arrest your ministers who are taking the wealth and the  money of the people and trying to invest them in the Swiss banks or they are escaping to another country which you cannot  getting them because they have immunities or protecting by XYZ characters.

بواسطة Qais Qazaz

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