NETROOTS NATIONS , June 16-19, Minneapolis -Minnesota

I just travelled to the USA on Saturday 11th 2011 via Amman-Jordan and staying for one night transit in Golden Tulips hotel and then catching a flight for 12 hours to new York and staying in transit in JFK airport waiting to fly to DC for 2 hours , so finally I arrived and stayed in the Georgetown suites hotel , and it was really hard day because I spent 28 hours in flying and transit in the airports , so at the morning it was really shock for me because I found my facebook friends and bloggers from different countries around the world (Morocco, Bahrain,Egypt,Oman,Armenia, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Palestine, Iran, Afghanistan,  Uganda, Zimbabwe, Kenya , Yemen, China, south Korea …ect) and actually we started introducing each other and what a great quick friendship had been created and then we started visiting the states and introducing to the American bloggers and journalists as well as visiting newsum which was down town DC   , then the panels of discussions had started in the FPC and my pannel was to talk about the actuality of new media and blogging in the middle east and then I met Wael Abbas the Egyptian blogger who was very friendly and we talked a lot about the political situations of the region and how the bloggers are working and whether these bloggers had affected directly to what is going on.

We packaged the luggages and catching a bus to Regan National airport to fly to Atlanta in 2 hours and then changing plane for another couple hours for Minneapolis-Minnesota to attend the political and social blogging tour at Minnesota University , school of journalism and it was really good day because we met the student and post graduated students of new Media and again my panel was about the new media of Iraq.

We are now preparing our self for the conference of Netroots Nations which the people , bloggers and other are coming all over the world , so I will be of the presenters in the channels in the both Arabic and English.

I started my presentation and tour in the Arabic Spring with my colleagues Zuhair, Ziad and Lamees and we started talking about the role of new media and blogging in the middle east as well as the main function of these tools in the Arabic revolutions because as you know that facebook and twitter had played the major role in these revolutions as Lamees Said.










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