New Media Ignorance

Today I had a small seminar about ” Advocacy of New media in the region ” and I been astonished when I saw the numbers of the participants who were journalists and University professors and when I started my presentation about the new media and the great role of these digital tools in the events of the Arab World and I started presenting graphs , statistics videos and examples about the advocacy of new media , but when I started discussions with the participants I realized that i was talking to air because 90% of the participants hadn’t any ideas about what is going on in the digital world because they are still depending on the classical and traditional tools for getting information and data.

All what could I do that I just repeated what I said in steps and the seminar diverted in to a workshop of new media , then I promised all the participants to visit them one by one in order to encourage them on how to use the digital tools , but what I got the biggest surprise when I found that most of them even they don’t have emailsssssssss.

بواسطة Qais Qazaz