Facebook & changes in the Arab World

2 days ago I was running a workshop about the (Internet and facebook as a platform of democratic and digital discussions ) and there were more than 14 journalists and human rights activists in the workshop , and the discussions started about how to use the digital tools for discussions , I found a lot of opinions and points of views about this issues :

1- some said that the social networks are the most effective tools for digital discussions because there are no observations by any formal site about whatever you want to write, say and express.

2- Others said that these tools aren’t enough without the traditional Journalism and classical tools because they are completing each other , therefore they have to create one expression platform.

So in my point of view I think that the new media and social networks are the most important tool because as we watched in the events of Egypt, Tunisia and other countries how the facebook and the social networks were effective in campaign the audiences and the opinions as well as many pages from these websites had launched.

My question is also for the reader “Do you think that the digital tools are effective in the running of the events?”

بواسطة Qais Qazaz