Media Law in Iraq & the region Rapid Changes\ New Challanges

IREX & IWPR had organized a conference in Erbil \ Erbil rotana Hotel between 4& of Feb 2011 about ” Media Law in Iraq and the Region rapid changes\ New challanges , and the attendets are from different levels starting from Journalists , correspondents, Social activists and PM members and I been invited as a social Network activist and blogger and main duty was to lead a team of tweeterers on #iraqemedia , but later on I been shocked when they asked me to present in front of the attendents on the stage and I have to talk about the “Role of social networks & blogging in the rapid changes of Tunisia, Egypt and Iraq” and believe it was very difficult moments because I had to prepare myself for presentation within 30 minutes and I have to be ready for receiving questions and providing diplomatic replies because I will stand in front of 120 Journalists, Law makers and PM members, but finally I got my chance to talk , present and reply.

بواسطة Qais Qazaz