Puzzled Question

When I applied for school and then to the University , my father had adviced me to respect these two places too much because if I want to learn I have to know , respect and appreciate the peoples and the knowledge that I get.

Today while I was out of kirkuk and I heard that there was a fighting among the students of the technical Institute of kirkuk , for very silly reason which is that the Turkman students wanted to cellebrate but the kurdish students had stopped them, i don’t for which reason , but my Question is this : Are the educatiponal establishments and the universities places of cellebrations or learning?

I think that the cellebrations should be forbidden for everyone and nationality not just for Turman or Kurds but as well as non of the persons should be not allowed to do any activities in such places because this will create some critical reactions and behaviors among the students.

My puzzled question is this:


بواسطة Qais Qazaz

Facebook & changes in the Arab World

2 days ago I was running a workshop about the (Internet and facebook as a platform of democratic and digital discussions ) and there were more than 14 journalists and human rights activists in the workshop , and the discussions started about how to use the digital tools for discussions , I found a lot of opinions and points of views about this issues :

1- some said that the social networks are the most effective tools for digital discussions because there are no observations by any formal site about whatever you want to write, say and express.

2- Others said that these tools aren’t enough without the traditional Journalism and classical tools because they are completing each other , therefore they have to create one expression platform.

So in my point of view I think that the new media and social networks are the most important tool because as we watched in the events of Egypt, Tunisia and other countries how the facebook and the social networks were effective in campaign the audiences and the opinions as well as many pages from these websites had launched.

My question is also for the reader “Do you think that the digital tools are effective in the running of the events?”

بواسطة Qais Qazaz

Media Law in Iraq & the region Rapid Changes\ New Challanges

IREX & IWPR had organized a conference in Erbil \ Erbil rotana Hotel between 4& of Feb 2011 about ” Media Law in Iraq and the Region rapid changes\ New challanges , and the attendets are from different levels starting from Journalists , correspondents, Social activists and PM members and I been invited as a social Network activist and blogger and main duty was to lead a team of tweeterers on #iraqemedia , but later on I been shocked when they asked me to present in front of the attendents on the stage and I have to talk about the “Role of social networks & blogging in the rapid changes of Tunisia, Egypt and Iraq” and believe it was very difficult moments because I had to prepare myself for presentation within 30 minutes and I have to be ready for receiving questions and providing diplomatic replies because I will stand in front of 120 Journalists, Law makers and PM members, but finally I got my chance to talk , present and reply.

بواسطة Qais Qazaz