The last update of Kirkuk

Since 3 : 00 a.m a group of ISIS attacked the city with 3 bombed cars and they blasted them near Kirkuk General Police directory and Domiz Police station as well as new Uroba police station and then they started using some empty buildings in Kirkuk and they shot the security forces from there using snipers , Machine guns. The clashes still in the city and Police forces, Peshmarga , Asaysh and Anti-Terrorism Forces are still fighting against the ISIS. The civilians started carrying weapons and fighting beside the security forces as well as protecting their areas from any strangers and militias attacking while the security forces are busy in the main streets.

As the officials announced that mostly 70% of the fighting over except some areas which are still under attack and the security forces are trying hardly to impose the control over these areas.

As they estimated that the security forces killed more than 16 ISIS and captured more than 10 , in the other side there are 4 peshmarga died and many injured. In synchronization the ISIS attacked Dobis are near Kirkuk and killed 4 Iranian workers and injured 3  but the security forces also controlled the situation. The coalition forces and aircraft are bombing some areas which they found ISIS inside it in Kirkuk, as well as many other Peshmarga arrived to Kirkuk for participating in fighting.

The general status is Curfew in Kirkuk until unknown time , as well as clashes in some areas in the south of the city as well as in down town, and all the entrances of Kirkuk closed by the the security forces.


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Free Online Lessons

Series of Learning video as a part of an online project in cooperation with ISMF and DM3 cooperation, and most of the videos are by Arabic, because the targeted audience will in the Arab world.

The videos are by : Qais Qazaz

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Sound Cloud video

How to remove Synchronized Picassa photos on Android


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Has social media changed what it means to be human?

Has social media changed what it means to be human?

A review by : Qais Qazaz

With every new major innovation there have been those who have claimed that as a result we have lost some part of our essential humanity. The Greek philosopher Plato suggested that with the invention of writing humanity lost a skill in the use of memory that was an essential part of being human.

Social media is just the latest technology to provoke these accusations. There are many version of this idea that social media represents a loss of humanity. For example, the suggestion that we how have a reduced attention span or that we are now so screen focused that we have lost our capacity for face to face interactions. We also sometimes hear the opposite response. Instead of humanity losing some essential quality, new technologies are seen as extending our capacities, resulting in us becoming some kind of trans-human or post-human being. Either way the ideas is that something about our essential humanity has changed.

But usually, after a while, most people come to accept that what were once new technologies have become simply a taken for granted aspect of ordinary life. We do not see a person driving a car as either having lost an aspect of their humanity, or as some amazing post-human machine hybrid.


Maybe the problem is with our idea of what being human is?

We tend to operate with a generally conservative conception, i.e. being human is just what human beings have been in the past, or up till now.

In response to this we propose ‘A Theory of Attainment’. This suggests a re-definition of what it means to be human, which includes all the things we have the capacity to be in the future. So a new technology simply allows us to attain something of that capacity. But it was already latent in merely being human.

So social media, along with other new digital technologies, extends what we can do as human beings, both as new forms of communication and or becoming a new space within which we live and socialise. But using this Theory of Attainment we can acknowledge that it makes no difference at all to simply being human.

What will be next?

I am not sure what will be next? Because the factors and the events are really ambiguous and the future is carrying something for my people, may there will some changes, which reflect some happiness or may there will hidden action which step-down all the factors.

But still i think if we try to study the cases and the situations very well, and doing deeper and wiser analysis , the actions will come to the end and all the fundamentals will be great.

The people must unify there power to face the new challenges, and these challenges are not easy but they need some determinations and instance.

So this is a call for all the peoples to be one power, one action and one mind to change these bad attitudes.



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Do they Believe?

I am sure when I be aged and see my grandchildren, i will be the best story teller because I have millions of real sad stories from my country and this will prepare me to be a good writer, novelist or may be a movie director.
What I saw in my country since 1980 until today is something out of mind because I saw real actions of killing, bombing, raids, kidnapping, beheading , assassination, robbery, corruption, lies, illusion, tricks …. more and more.
What makes me feel a little bit happy that i am one of the witnesses in my country about the actions and the things that happened.
So my grandchildren will be very lucky because their granpapa is as Hemingway or Shakespeare who has very opened mind and stories.
If they be patient I can tell them 1000 stories in 1000 nights.
But then I need a very beautiful woman to be my servant because I will need more energy and power to pass the nights, but may be this also will create another conflicts because then I will be powerless and I need some charging for getting a good power.
I started creating a special part on my laptop for the memories and stories because I want to blog them in sequences in order i be able to not miss any part or detail.
So I am afraid then my grandchildren not believing the stories that I will narrate because I am sure they consider these stories as fiction and super imaginative stories, but never mind I will show them some credibility and liabilities in order the be passionate with what I am telling.

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Why we post project


الى كافة المدونين و الصحفيين
يشر نادي الاعلام الاجتماعي العراقي ان يعلن عن بدء التسجيل لدورة مجانية عبر الانترنت حول موضوع ” لماذا ننشر عبر الانترنت”؟
الهدف من المشروع هو فتح باب النقاشات الواسعة عبر الانترنت و فسح المجال امام كافة المدونين و الصحفيين للبدء بالنقاشات بصورة و اسعة.
مدة البرنامج 5 اسابيع
بعد نهاية البرنامج سيمنح كل مشارك شهادة مشاركة في الدورة مختومة و مصدقة
شروط المشاركة
1-يجب الكتابة باللغة الانكليزية فقط وذلك لتشجيع كافة المدونين و الصحفيين على استخدام اللغة الانكليزية.
2- يجب ارسال سيرة ذاتية مختصرة للبريد الالكتروني
3- للحصول على الشهادة يجب المشاركة في البرنامج او النقاشات بنسبة لاتقل عن 85%.
4- سيبدء التسجيل اعتبارا من 25\11\2015 و لغاية 25\12\2015
5- سيبدء البرنامج في 10-1-2016

To all Bloggers & Journalists
Iraqi social media club is pleasure to announce about new project registration.
Project Name: ” Why we post”
Duration : 5 weeks online course and discussion
After the completion , the participant will get an approved participation certification.

Terms of registration:
1- all the discussions will be in English Language only , and this to encourage all the bloggers & Journalists to improve their English language skills.
2-To register you have to send a summary of your CV to
3-In order you be certified your participation must not be less than 85%.
4- The registration will start from 25\11\2015 to 25\12\2015
6- The program will start from 10th of January 2016.
Good luck for the all

بواسطة Qais Qazaz

Sight 3 on Iraq

Another silly quarrels and disputes happen in Iraq. ISIS is becoming weaker day by day, but this time Peshmarga and Hashid Al-Shaaby started fighting. Again victims are civilians and the peoples are losing their sons because of silly reasons.

The real situation is here:


Face to face fighting between Peshmarga and Hashid Al-Shaaby.

In the south they are burning the flag of Kurdistan.

In the north they are burning the flag of Iraqi state.

The people started fighting with each other.

Social media is full of stupid and silly users who are fighting and they are creating hate speech hash tags against each other.

The percentage of hate speech is increasing on TVs , Radios and social networks.

More peoples will be displaced and homeless

The economy is moving down.

So what will be the solution?

This is an open source question, and hope to find your answers in the comments



بواسطة Qais Qazaz

Huawei Mate S Launching

Another surprise started by Huawei in Iraq, this time the launching event was one of the most fantastic and marvelous actions by organizers and launcher.  The event started by a lovely welcoming words and the marketing manager of the company started the statements of the product, but the deeper details been presented by the Production manager who started giving the technical specifications of Mates S , which shew up the real power, design, specifications, and ability of the new product.

As a blogger I really liked the way of presenting the product by lovely female models because they presented the product in fashionable way of the stages of Rotana Erbil Hotel, and all the attendees being attracted to the way of the presentation.

The event was full of surprises, and the lotteries started for the lucky peoples who they attended the event and the smart way way of giving the presents, plus the smart words of deputy of Chinese consular in Kurdistan and how expressed their desires to make wider business cooperation with Kurdish businessmen as well as the giving full details about the Chinese products and how they are manufacturing the materials and sen them to Europe and USA According to the international standards.

The Iraqi Social Media Club had a luck to attend such a launching event for he 2nd time in two years and it was lucky too to send the launching photos and tweets online.

For more details about Mate S , please click here


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ملخص العراق و سبب المظاهرات بسهولة

ملخص الوضع الداخلي للعراق من سنة 2003 الى اليوم
حرب طائفية
قتل على الهوية
كثرة البطالة
كثرة الفساد الاداري و السرقات و الرشاوي
كثرة تعين الاقارب و حرمان باقي الشعب
استيلاء على السلطة من قبل الاحزاب
الدين واضح دوره في السياسة
النواب و رواتبهم العالي جدا جدا جدا
قانون تقاعد النواب الذي لايستحقونه
انقطاع تام للكهرباء و الخدمات
عجز في ميزانية الدولة بشكل مرعب
اختفاء ميزانية العراق لسنة 2013 و 2014 بشكل تام
ملل الشعب من هذه النماذج
تكرار الوجوه في الحكومة
و من فوق كل هذا حرارة الجو و الحرب مع داعش و قتل الالاف من قبلهم كما في سبايكر
ابرام عقود وهمية للنفط و الكهرباء بمليارات الدولارات
سفر و علاج النواب و ابنائهم على نفقة الدولة و ببزخ

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This will be the New Iraq

Shortly, Yesterday was a delima over the heads of the corrupted peoples in Iraq, many of them been released from his/ her positions without pre-notifications, and I think this is OK, because these types of peoples will try to do anything for keeping themselves  safe and secure.

The prime minister started releasing and exempt many of the presidential deputies and they have been banned to travel abroad until they will finish investigations because of the issues of corruption and robbery.

Another reformation happened , that the prime minister also ordered to release the Governance councils because they will be also accused by the peoples because of the corruption.

The demonstrations are moving very well and this time the government is trying to respond wisely to the demands of the demonstrators as well as to put ” An End” to this silly show.

بواسطة Qais Qazaz